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How StretchIt Works

  • cro.pole
    5-day progress
    “Wow wow wow! I can't believe this progress, this really got me freaked out. I have started the middle splits program​ on StretchIt app on Sunday (9 July), now 5 days later I am almost completely on the floor!! The app really works wonders 😍😍😍”
  • ben.jeh
    9-day progress
    “This progress happened after I started taking backbend classes on StretchIt app. On the first day even using a yoga block I was struggling to open my chest and stretch my upper back. Touch the floor? It was not possible. It's been a week since I started to practice with the app :)”
  • alexx1001_
    5-month progress
    “Only a few inches to go! Thanks to StretchIt app!”
  • eldhaven
    4.5-month progress
    “It took me almost 4 1/2 months to do it, but I did it!! I got my split! Thank you StretchIt app for all the stretches that helped me with my middle splits 🎉”
  • maggie.polerina
    27-day progress
    “Backbend progress with @stretchitapp 🐰👻”
  • lucca_valentine
    1-month progress
    “StretchIt has given me faster progress than any other method. It is so comprehensive and well thought out. I HIGHLY recommend doing the Full Body stretch program as well as the Splits.”
  • chas_spoiled
    11-month progress
    “I've come such a long way in my backbend journey thanks to StretchIt app I have more control now and can hold longer!”
  • goldie_poledancer
    30-day progress
    “Middle Splits Challenge results ❤️ Thank you #stretchitapp 😃 I see and feel a huge improvement in my middle splits”
  • eldhaven
    3-month progress
    “It's been 90 days since I started working on my bow pose and back flexibility with StretchIt app, stretching 30-45 minutes a day, 4-6 days a week. I can now pull my legs in and up much higher (lower back flexibility), my hands can grip lower on my feet, my chest is more lifted and my shoulders can be pulled back more in the flip grip (no small feat for me!)”
  • pia.sativa
    3-month progress
    “Thank you StretchIt! It would have taken me so much longer without your great app. It's the best for stretching!”

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