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Are you ready to get more flexible? Increase your range of motion with classes that challenge and inspire you? Have fun and feel good? It’s all possible — and more! Stretching can help you get stronger, prevent injury, and improve your overall wellbeing. If your dream is to become more flexible, you’ve come to the right place. STRETCHIT will help you reach your flexibility goals.
How it started
The Story of Success



Natasha and Marina — sisters and Co-Founders of STRETCHIT:
“We started stretching in our late twenties - early thirties. Little did we know that it will lead us to risk everything and start an app. That includes leaving our well-paying jobs and even selling an apartment to fund the project. All that with no prior experience in app development. But what a ride it’s been!”
“Launched in 2016, STRETCHIT has been evolving ever since. We’ve listened to our users and added Absolute Beginner classes to help those who never stretched before fall in love with stretching. We’ve also added flexibility and mobility programs and personal training recommendations to help you finally make stretching a habit and reach your full movement potential.”
“As STRETCHIT continued to grow, we welcomed Alicia Archer to our team and have been releasing new classes on a weekly basis.”
“We’re passionate about stretching not only because it helps you move better and makes you stronger, more flexible, and able to master circus-style moves. But it also makes you feel (and sleep!) better. It makes you feel connected to your body. And when you make it a habit, your body starts craving it. Stretching is hugely underrated and we’re here to change that!”
Stretchit instructors
Our Instructors are the best in the industry

Alicia Archer

With over a decade of teaching experience, Alicia Archer thoughtfully guides her students through comprehensive sequences, in order to unlock their movement potential.
Be confident to know that you will always take something away from Alicia’s classes!
Alicia is Group Fitness Certified by AFAA (The Athletics and Fitness Association of America). Her qualifications also include BFA in dance from Fordham University/The Ailey School.

Allison Wardwell

An experienced instructor with over 20 years of movement study.
Allison combines a deep knowledge of the body with extensive expertise and a passion for bringing her students the best training methods available.
Allison received her BFA in Dance from The University of Texas, and her MA in Dance Education from New York University. She has recently completed the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Texas Woman’s University.

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