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How To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Fitness And Yoga Goals

We've all been there. You start a new fitness or flexibility regimen with the best intentions, only to find your initial enthusiasm waning just a few weeks in. 

Maybe you can't touch your toes, or the splits still feel like a far-off dream. Whatever the case, you're looking for a way to stay motivated and reach those ambitious goals. This blog post will teach you how.

The importance of setting meaningful goals

The first step is to set goals that fire you up. Ignore what you think your goals should be. Instead, dig deep to uncover what you really want to achieve.

What gets you to attend your practice, even when you don’t feel like it? Because whether we like it or not, we all have those days. What matters is that we show up, even when the enthusiasm fades.

Want to master the splits? Great! Your goals should excite you and keep you eager to hit your mat day after day. The more personal your goal is, the more driven you will be to achieve it.

Identifying your starting point

Knowing where you are today is as important as knowing where you want to be in six, twelve, or 26 weeks. Few things sap your motivation quicker than starting a practice that’s too challenging (or easy) for your fitness and experience level. 

It’s hard to keep showing up for your practice when the exercises, stretches, or poses seem out of reach. 

To stay motivated, the workouts must be challenging but achievable

You want to see noticeable progress with your training and feel your actions are moving you closer to your goal.

When you sign up for STRETCHIT, the app will meet you exactly where you are and help you progress at your own pace. It's all about embracing your journey and celebrating every little victory along the way.

Adapting your routine to your lifestyle

Whether you’re working from home or back in the office, your routine should fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. It shouldn’t feel like an impossible task added to your day but rather a refreshing and invigorating break or a way to end the day that you look forward to.

Let’s say you only have 30 minutes daily for your fitness, yoga, and flexibility routine. The key is to find a routine that optimizes this time slot, delivering maximum results without compromising your goals. 

Keep your workouts focused on your goal

With your training time already limited, prioritize exercises that align with your goals instead of randomly choosing workouts that don't contribute to your fitness objectives. 

The results-focused workouts and challenges are some of the biggest reasons our users find STRETCHIT valuable. When you sign up for a program or 90-day challenge, the app will give the exact steps to reach your goals. 

Keep your workouts enjoyable

It could be as simple as playing your favorite music, setting up your workout space in a way that inspires you or rewarding yourself after each session. 

Make these 30 minutes something you genuinely look forward to, a much-needed breather in your otherwise packed schedule.

Be flexible with your fitness routine 

There will be days when your 30-minute workout isn't doable. Don't be too hard on yourself. What's more important is that you jump right back into your routine the next day. With strength and flexibility training, consistency, rather than perfection, is the key to reaching your goals.

With STRETCHIT, you can get a great workout no matter where you are. When you first sign up for the app, we will ask questions to ensure you get the perfect program for your lifestyle, goals, and experience level. The app is like having a personal flexibility coach in your pocket.

How STRETCHIT helps you maintain motivation

We have some impressive stats to share. 84% of STRETCHIT users make stretching a habit after just two weeks. And 8 out of 10 premium STRETCHIT users reach their flexibility goals faster than those who go about their practice independently.

STRETCHIT tailors a program based on your needs and goals. Are you suffering from lower back pain? The app has got you covered. You can track workouts, upload progress photos, and have an instructor guide you through each move. 

Training with STRETCHIT makes flexibility training accessible, enjoyable, and result-driven. The app offers a scientific, non-dogmatic approach to improving your flexibility. 

Goals are nice to have, but planning is what gets you the results

Fitting your fitness, yoga, and flexibility routine into a tight schedule requires thoughtful planning and a forgiving mindset. With these in mind, you're set to make every minute of your workout count, helping you move closer to your goals one day at a time.

With STRETCHIT, you'll have a personalized, science-based approach to achieving your flexibility goals. Whether you're aiming for the splits or just want to touch your toes, STRETCHIT is there every step of the way. 

Here's to staying motivated and reaching those goals! Click here to try the STRETCHIT app for free with a 7-day trial.

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