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Hint: it’s not all stretching! A sneak peek into the careers of STRETCHIT Users

The lawyer who dabbles in contortion training on the weekends. The veterinarian who hits their splits at the end of a long shift. The operations manager who needs to stretch their lower back after sitting at a desk all day. All of these professions—and many more!—are represented in our STRETCHIT community.

There’s a common misperception out there that you need to already be bendy, or have a background in dance or gymnastics, in order to train flexibility. Well, the diversity of our users is enough to prove that very wrong! Our STRETCHIT community is filled with people of many backgrounds, with different goals, and a wide variety of career choices. Only some of us grew up with dance, pilates, yoga, or gymnastics, but for all of us, stretching is now an important part of our lives. Flexibility is an exciting journey of self-improvement at any age. It can bring meaning into your life whether you’re a Pilates instructor or a mechanical engineer!

"Unlike many people think, I’m not a gymnast. I’m a lawyer admitted to practice law in two countries. I had been doing corporate law in a global law firm for almost 8 years before I created STRETCHIT with my sister. What’s your day job?”

Natasha Nikolaeva

We recently shared a post on Instagram asking the STRETCHIT community, ‘What’s your day job?’ The answers blew us away! What an amazing group of individuals striving not only in their careers but also with their physical fitness goals. We were so inspired that we wanted to share some of the responses with you. Know that you can be a boss not just in your career, but also on the mat! Keep up the great work juggling all that you have to do for your work, family, career, and training.

Photo: Natasha Nikolaeva by Roman Kolego

"We’re all under the same sky and walk the same earth; we’re alive together during the same moment.”

Maxine Hong Kingston

Some of the professions represented in the STRETCHIT community include:
   Lawyer - @nicolakatel
   Safety Consultant - @esther_izarra
   Soon-to-be Veterinarian - @dredwinggirl13
   Project Manager in the food industry - @marinaskladchikova
   Emergency Physician - @titazamoran
   Makeup Artist - @mafufaaa.mua
   Electrical Engineer - @mohahalin
   Pharmacist - @glitter_creep
   Creative Director & Writer - @katkit_fly
   Dentist - @caritopolefit
   Dancer, Psychology Student, Pre-law Student - @taramoonjones
   Student - @mika.gif
   Psychology Student - @giannasophie
   Game Designer, Teacher - @hello_hoop
   Customer Service Agent, English Teacher - @leahmonkeyaftab
   Physical Education Teacher and Fitness-Wellness Studio Owner - @sensaes_elenabafaluy
   Psychotherapist - @todopole_com
   Massage Therapist - @anneelizabethbaron

   Software Developer - @just_petra
   Soon-to-be Veterinarian - @sue_equine
   Analytical Chemist in Environmental Science - @jadelaurenza
   Editor - @ali.eldridge
   Child Protective Services Professional  - @martinesiren
   Tattoo Artist - @saramacneiltattoo
   Pharmacy Assistant - @nycketa_chapter
   Live Sound Engineer - @bryonyoctober
   Insurance Agent - @yogibernie
   Chef - @moniquevanderwaal
   Environmental Engineer - @jaration
   Doctor, Anesthesia Resident - @topless_yoga
   Electronics Engineer - @elifdileks
   Starbucks Barista - @alexkronberg
   Owner &  Trainer at a Horse Ranch - @lady_lindz37
   Outdoor Educator - @audreysaurus__rex
   Architect - @sophia_carpinteri

Photo: Natasha Nikolaeva by Nicholas Mrnarevic

   Tattoo Artist & Painter - @snakeoclock
   Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Owner - @girlvet8593
   Account Management and Operations - @onnitokki
   Hospice Nurse - @latashakaye72
   Technical Services Manager & Mother - @vinu_yogi
   Paralegal - @imstush
   Special Needs Caregiver, Production Company Owner - @fif_campos
   Fitness Trainer - @suwanna_model
  Registered Nurse, licensed in 3 states - @boriquaglamma
   Lawyer & Judge - @fireballpole
   Interior Designer & Pilates Instructor - @provocativepilates
   Social Services Provider & Dance Teacher - @pinkparticle
   Operations Planner - @sailormarsbeauty
   Doctor - @anastasiavanderraff
   Dental Office Manager & Dance Teacher - @chas_spoiled
   Architect - @elixier_
   Translator & Interpreter for the Czech Republic Ministry of Defense - @kusovaveronika 
   Highway Engineer - @seventoinette
   Head of Human Resource Operations at a Tech Start-Up - @k_polerina
   Polyglot Engineer turned into Event, Strategic, and Communications Manager - @zouwyy

   MPhil Medical Physics Student - @yars19
   Registered Nurse - @the.humble.poler
   English Teacher - @weronicat_brasilisek
   Civil Servant, Federal Institute of Science and Technology Education - @maunili
   Bartender - @amanda33walsh
   Registered Nurse - @lyndseyannfit
   Corporate Human Resources Manager - @jballpoles187
   Delivery Person - @liinechrismansson
   Bartender - @theamandavee
   Physicist - @sobakastrashnaja
   Head of Spa - @cz82klara
   Strategy Consultant - @sofia_hh
   Cardiologist and Emergency Care Doctor - @mlleblase
   Software Engineer - @nives.vulic
   Architect - @hibaassaf
   Primary School Teacher & Yoga Teacher - @yogabygillian 
   Mechanic - @casey.edwards_
   Healthcare Consultant - @violet_heartz
   Doctor - @aafarhahmansor

   Veterinary Nurse - @heidikarinaonyx
   Bikini Designer & Seamstress - @hoopthatass
   French Teacher - @carolinegajevic
   Voice Actress and TV Presenter - @missbananasplits

And that’s just a few of us! As you can see, what a diverse group of accomplished, strong, and dedicated people. You’re not only doing important work for your families, communities, cities, and the world, but also for your own health and wellness. We’re proud and honored to have each and every one of you be a part of STRETCHIT!

"Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.”

Oprah Winfrey

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