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Stretchit Cookies Table

We are providing this list to give you transparency into the cookies and similar technologies used by Stretchit. While Stretchit’s technologies may be updated, the following tables provide brief descriptions of the key technologies used on Stretchit sites.

This table may be updated from time to time. Please take a look at our Cookie Policy if you'd like more information on how and why we use cookies.

Cookie Name Domain Purpose Description
c_user, datr,fr,pl,sb,spin,wd,xs .facebook.com Authentication, Advertising and Analytics https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/
_ga, optimizelySegments, optimizelyEndUserId, optimizelyBuckets, amplitude_id_17d7f24ade0c216dffc8918bfb29fe31_corp_siteamplitude.com, amplitude_id_7aeebb82a726181471628b2dda962dde_growth_sandboxamplitude.com .amplitude.com Advertising and Analytics https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies
session, merchant, logged_in, __stripe_orig_props, private_machine_identifier, cid, machine_identifier, _ga, stripe.csrf, user,country .stripe.com Payments https://stripe.com/cookies-policy/legal
_ym_uid, fuid01, gdpr, iyp, _ym_d, mda, __utma, __utmz, yandexuid, yabs-sid .yandex.ru Analytics https://yandex.com/legal/privacy/
amplitude_idstretchitapp.com .stretchitapp.com Analytics Unique user identifier used for the Amplitude service activities tracking
_ga .stretchitapp.com Analytics Google analytics cookies used for user identification and tracking activities
_gid .stretchitapp.com
_ym_visorc_48223184 .stretchitapp.com Analytics Yandex Metrica and Yandex Web Visor variables for activity tracking
_ym_wasSynced .stretchitapp.com
_ym_isad .stretchitapp.com
_ym_uid .stretchitapp.com
_ym_d .stretchitapp.com
HSID, APISID,OTZ,UULE google.com Advertising and Analytics Google analitics cookies used for user identification and tracking activities