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6 Simple Ways to Win at Your Goals This Month

Your roadmap to success!

Whatever your goals are, we’re here to support and inspire you along the way. Here are a few things that will help keep you on track with your goals in the weeks ahead and beyond. The opportunity to tackle new challenges, change your life in small or sweeping ways, and make this month your best yet is here!

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1. Set goals that are right for YOU

What are the goals that are right for you and you alone? What illuminates your spirit, ignites your passion, and at the end of the day when everything is said and done…makes you happy? Not because someone else said so, or because you’re comparing yourself to someone else, or not because you’ve seen a sponsored post on social media with what seems like the perfect house/partner/lifestyle...

Connect to your own version of your best self, unchained to mere appearances and materialism, and think hard about your highest self. The old adage that we only have ‘one life to live,’ couldn’t be truer. Let your goals spring from your best self. The one that loves yourself unconditionally, that believes in your ability to go after your dream, and that knows what’s uniquely right for YOU.

2. Simplify!

Once you have some ideas for your goals, it’s time to Marie-Kondo your list. Only keep the goals that speak to your soul and cause you true JOY. Sometimes keeping it simple—even if you think it’s ‘stupid simple’—is an improved recipe for success. Find yourself a bit overzealous with your goal list? Edit away the unnecessary and keep what feels the most powerful. When you make something simple, it’s easy to keep it on your mind and plan the steps you need to take to make it a reality.

3. Take small steps and celebrate daily wins

Speaking of taking steps towards your goals, think about how you might break up your big vision into small, achievable goals. How can you break up your goal into monthly, weekly, and daily wins?

Get out your notebook and favourite pen, or open up the notes on your smartphone. Look at your calendar and add dates and deadlines. Every day try to do something that furthers you along the path of your goal. Let’s say you’ve designated this year as the year of the bendy back. Commit to a back stretch you can do every day to alleviate tightness and tension, and then plan 2-3 days of training sessions per week that will serve as a deep dive into your bendy back training.

Go after your goals. You’ve got this! Photo: Anthony Delanoix

4. Remember that mistakes are part of the process

Slip ups and trip ups are part of the journey! Expect challenges, roadblocks, and falling off the wagon every once in a while. Know that these won’t prevent you from achieving your goals, but will just be hurdles you’ll need to be prepared for.

Spend some time visualizing your roadblocks and how you’ll take action to dust yourself off and get back on the right path. Everyone experiences bumps and stumbles, so know that you’re not alone. The most important thing is not that you trip up, but how you react to it. React with understanding. Be willing to straighten out your course, helping yourself recommit to your flexibility goals.

5. Use the mantra: Together is better!

Many people experience more success with their goals if they involve others in their process. Stay accountable to your goals by sharing them with your best friend, family member, partner, or other loved ones. Get involved with a community that will support your progress towards your goals, whether that means getting support in person or online.

STRETCHIT Challenges are a great way to keep yourself on target with your flexibility goals. Keep an eye on social media and your inbox for the latest announcements of Challenge start dates! Think about asking someone to join one of these challenges with you. When you have someone by your side to help handle the struggles, the journey can be more fun and meaningful. Even if your loved ones don’t want to set goals with you, you can still ask them to cheer you on. Asking for support can be hard, but it’s often that extra pillar of strength that we need in order to go after more ambitious goals. Plus, it’ll make the celebrations ever sweeter after you accomplish what you set out to do.

6. Revisit your goals often

Life is in constant flux, so it’s okay to revisit and revise! When a new season rolls around, maybe you’ve accomplished your original goals and it’s time to set your sights on leveling up to something more challenging. Or maybe your goals are no longer as relevant and you want to better align them with the way your life is now.

It’s okay to reassess your ideas regularly and pivot to a new path when you need to—just make sure you’re doing it to move forward, instead of out of defeat. Most peaks in life are hard fought journeys that take time and patience to reach. Push yourself to challenge your old ways of thinking and to expand your concept of what’s possible for your life. Surprises and successes are waiting for you. Make this year your best one yet!

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Albert Einstein
Photo: Brannon Naito

What do you want to achieve this year? Share your goals with us!

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